Plastic Knob Designing

Since 1992, we have been proving our ability to create cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of Quick Assembly & Quick Release applications. Our staff of skilled mechanical engineers utilizes state of the art 3-D CAD software to find the best solutions for our customers and to support our drive for constant innovation. We have extensive experience in plastics, machining, and fasteners so that Innovative Components, Inc. can work with your engineers to design the most economical component for your application.

Our technical personnel are experts in the designing and manufacturing of all insert molded parts, particularly plastic clamping knobs. In addition to our complete line of standard plastic clamping knobs, we have engineered a wide variety of custom knobs, latches, pins and other Quick Release Hardware for specific applications. We work with our customers to engineer solutions to difficult challenges. Our innovative tooling designs and extensive use of off-the-shelf tooling components frequently allows us to manufacture custom components with little or no tooling expense. We are continuously looking for ways to improve your product while taking out cost wherever possible.

  • Our standard plastic clamping knobs are molded in black copolymer polypropylene. We also use ABS, nylon, and other engineering grade plastics (for specific applications such as those in high heat or food related areas).
  • Standard colors are available or we can color match to your application.
  • Multi-material and color plastic clamping knobs are one of our strengths.
  • We will also mold per print as specified. Call 800-566-2774 for more info.

Plastic Knob Specifications

  Notched IZOD Impact-FT.LBS/IN Tensile Strength at Break P.S.I. Hardness UL Flammability Rating Heat Resistance
Polypropylene Copolymer Thermoplastic 1.5 3,000 Rockwell R-65 94H-B 225°F
ABS Thermoplastic 4.0 4,400 Rockwell R85-106 94H-B 250°F
General Purpose Nylon 1.0 11,000 Rockwell R-118 HB 275°F