Mission Statement – Innovative Components provides high quality products at competitive prices, through excellence in manufacturing and service, to ensure continued customer success while encouraging innovation.

Our everyday work and approach to business are guided by our five company core values:

RESPECT – We treat our customers, vendors and our employees with respect as this is a direct reflection of our character, integrity and values as a company.

TEAM WORK – We believe that by working together as a team to achieve a common goal, we can achieve more than an individual.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – We maintain a standing commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in productivity, processes, personal development, products, and services.

SERVICE – We strive to be a great corporate partner in supporting and improving our communities that we live and work in. We are committed to community involvement and social responsibility.

INTEGRITY – We believe without integrity nothing else matters.

Innovative Components – Manufacturing in Focus Feature


SCHAUMBURG, IL USA Schaumburg, IL is our Headquarter location, housing Sales, Customer Service, Accounting and Administrative departments.

CARTAGO, COSTA RICA Cartago, Costa Rica is our newest facility, which opened in February 2006. This facility takes advantage of lower labor rates and raw material costs to give our customers competitive pricing without the risks of importing from Asia. This is primarily a manufacturing location with an emphasis on heavy labor content operations. Here are some important facts about this location:

  • Established 2006
  • 15,000 ft2
  • Insert plastic injection molding
  • Multi-material injection molding
  • Custom horizontal plastic injection molding
  • Secondary operations
  • Hot Stamping & Pad Printing
  • Assembly
  • Laser Etching
  • Complete Tool & Die Facility
  • Engineering & Products Development
  • CNC Swiss Machining
  • 12-14 day door to door transit time
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Off-Shore Manufacturing
  • Our Plant, Our People, Our Quality – NOT Outsourcing
  • 12-14 days total transit time Costa Rica to Houston vs. 30-45 days from Asia
  • Safety Stock in USA
  • Costs Competitive with Asia….Without the Risks!

Innovative Products

We offer an extensive line of highly standardized plastic clamping knobs that are suitable for most consumer and industrial uses. All of our knobs have been designed with your application need in mind. We are a leader in multi-material/multi-color molding with an extensive selection of soft-touch products. We keep abreast of the marketplace and our customers’ changing needs. In response to our customers’ demand for a broader offering of components, we have added a full line of “Hand Assembly Hardware” to complement our main product line. This addition allows us to uniquely position ourselves to offer domestic quality products at prices competitive to imports. Let us help you pick the most effective “connector” for your product.

Innovative Sales and Service

We work with YOUR system to simplify the JIT process. We specialize in annual contracts with flexible release dates where we keep safety stock so you won’t have to. We want to be the key vendor who’s not on your speed dial! It’s OUR job to make YOUR job easier. We don’t say “We can’t”, we just do it! If you have an emergency, Innovative Components is also the best in the industry when it comes to short lead times. Give us a try!

Innovative Components also offers services such as bagging, pad printing, hot stamping, private labeling, and retail packaging.

Innovative Engineering

Our technical personnel are experts in the designing and manufacturing of all insert molded parts, particularly plastic clamping knobs. In addition to our complete line of standard plastic clamping knobs, we have engineered a wide variety of custom knobs for specific applications. We work with our customers to engineer solutions to difficult challenges. Our innovative tooling designs and extensive use of off the shelf tooling components frequently allows us to manufacture custom knobs with little or no tooling expense. We are continuously looking for ways to improve your product while taking out cost wherever possible.

Innovative Manufacturing

We utilize the most advanced rotary presses in the industry with multiple cavity tools. The sophistication of our equipment has allowed us to minimize set-up time and in-process adjustments, maximizing output. Our in-house CNC Machining and Secondary Machining departments allow us to fabricate a wide variety of custom products.

In 2006, Innovative Components opened its very own off shore factory in Cartago, Costa Rica. This plant operates 24 hours a day 6 days per week. Having both a domestic facility and a factory in a low cost Central American location allows Innovative Components to supply high quality parts at low prices without the risks and long lead times associated with importing from Asia. Our strategy of Blended Supply and high capacity production enables us to offer our customers the competitive pricing expected in today’s global marketplace.

Innovative Quality

Quality has been designed into our system, and we believe it starts with the sales department and flows through the company. We utilize 100% in-process inspection as well as final inspection to be sure each knob adheres to our performance criteria. Innovative Components is ISO 9001:2015 certified and strives for continuous improvement. We offer full proto-typing services, including PPAP approvals.

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