We are unique in the industry with a corporate structure where sales drives production. Sales management has the authority to assign priorities and shift production on the fly in order to meet our customers’ needs. We strive to build an atmosphere of total teamwork where EVERY opinion matters, and every suggestion is given consideration. We believe in a well-run company with a highly motivated staff where managers actually work FOR their departments, not over them.

We work with YOUR system to simplify the JIT process. We specialize in annual contracts with flexible release dates where we keep safety stock so you won’t have to. We want to be the key vendor who’s not on your speed dial! It’s OUR job to make YOUR job easier. We don’t say “We can’t”, we just do it!

If you have an emergency, Innovative Components, aka The Knob Source®, is also the best in the industry when it comes to short lead times. Give us a try!

Innovative Components also offers services such as bagging, pad printing, hot stamping, private labeling, and retail packaging.

PDF Download our Sales Terms & Conditions. (PDF – 48KB)

If you are a potential vendor, please DO NOT SOLICIT our sales or customer service staff on purchased goods.

Our Sales Team

Glen Brin
Sales Representative
Email: GlenB@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext.117
Fax: 847-885-9005

Donna Pearson
Sales Representative
Email: DonnaP@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 131
Fax: 847-885-9005

Mike Bane
Sales Representative
Email: MikeB@knobsource.com
Phone: 847-885-9050 x.101
Fax: 847-885-9005

Emily Staes
Sales Representative
Email: EmilyS@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 132
Fax: 847-885-9005

Tim Wuhrman
Sales Manager
Email: TimW@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 100

Our Customer Service Team

Tina Riess
Customer Service Representative
Email: TinaR@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 137
Fax: 847-885-9005

Lynn Asquith
Customer Service Representative
Email: LynnA@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774
Fax: 847-885-9005

Kelly North
Customer Service Representative
Email: KellyN@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our Purchasing Team

Cassie Ortiz
Email: CassieO@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 114
Fax: 847-885-9005

Christine Gray
Purchasing Manager
Email: ChristineG@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext.112
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our Accounting Team

Christine Motschull
Email: ChristineM@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 126
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our Marketing Team

Alyssa Ovresat
Marketing Specialist
Email: AlyssaO@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 124
Fax: 847-885-9005

Christine Gray
Marketing Manager
Email: ChristineG@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext.112
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our Warehouse Team

Wanda Cooley
Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Email: WandaC@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 127
Fax: 847-885-9005

Eric Sanchez
Shipping Lead
Email: Shipping@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 118
Fax: 847-885-9005

Rotimi Adejola
Receiving Lead
Email: Receiving@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 116
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our Production Team

Jerry Campos
Plant Manager
Email: JerryC@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 139
Fax: 847-885-9005

Our QC Team

Magdalena Torres
QC Inspector
Email: MagdalenaT@knobsource.com
Phone: 800-566-2774 ext. 108
Fax: 847-885-9005

Hector Orozco
QC Manager
Email: HectorO@knobsourcecr.com
Phone: 506-2572-1320 Ext 108 (Costa Rica Plant)